July 10, 2023

‘Beginnings’ are energy things

Grahame Martin

Why is change so difficult?

Starting at the beginning of anything we do is an energetic process that us humans like to avoid. I have noticed with some people who like studying that they can like beginnings but sometimes not like investigating conclusions. These people, therefore, may study something new again and again. Many people I have worked with can be opposed to starting something new as it is time consuming and takes energy or they can be fearful of it.

The ‘beginning’ of anything we start is an energetic fact: it requires the very essence of the rules of what we know as ‘time and space’. Time and space give us the new experience that is held within them but we can’t access this without starting something new and with this we have to start somewhere, which is the beginning. 

Each day is a new start as the energy of the previous day will not be repeated, so we are used to starting a new day every day. As every day is a new day, life draws us into new experiences because it offers new opportunities all the time. It is only us who ignore them, usually because we are risk averse or think we are not good enough to even deserve what we are being offered. 

The new has consequence and we can try hard to control this. We can ignore opportunities in the belief that they will only bring more pressure. So we can limit our lives - there will be change because nothing stays the same but if we keep it as familiar and repetitive as possible, we will be safe.

My sister always reminds me that humans are in love with familiarity. To many people this is their way of remaining calm and relaxed. To others it poses a feeling of imprisonment. Recently there was the loss of a small submarine that was running visits to the wreckage of the Titanic. The trip to the bottom of the ocean, although dangerous, attracted CEO’s and billionaires alike. They simply took the risk - perhaps they didn’t know the whole truth about that risk but they still took it. Some people like risk.

As we don’t have a crystal ball, just what is waiting to form from the astral plane (the first stage of earthly formation which can be read by some and therefore predict the future) change can be seen as a risk - we simply do not know what will come with it. This is why we try to tune into what feels right or read the astral plane. Some people even get a vision they follow that may come to them in a dream. Whatever way works, humans have been sensing what is right for them in many ways to get their change right, probably since time began. 

When someone signs up to do the Western Chakra Program they energetically contract into the ‘beginning’. Everybody enters into their base at this point and we have no control over it. This decision activates the ‘start’ of this program through pure intention. You are readied for the program naturally, which is the biggest introduction to the program that can be made. 

How can this happen? Because the journey of the Western Chakra Program is held within you but aligns to all things. To know this is to experience this journey and many people can testify to this. By enlisting to the program you switch something on inside you that awakens your Base Centre and the program begins. So when people arrive to start the program they have already begun and prepared for what is to come.

This process is also going on in your life all the time. You are constantly in preparation for the ‘next’ but this can meet a lot of resistance from you. That resistance is from the blocks that are carried by us all from trauma, education or constant messaging that takes form within and becomes a permanent view of oneself. This is one of the biggest changes that mainly happens in the Western Chakra Program, one's view of one’s limitations changes along with the view of oneself.

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