Highest Perception

Ancient Wisdom That Opens Up Vision In A Modern World 
 Highest Perception is a totally unique and advanced seven sectioned Framework obtained over seven days and designed to take you to your Highest Perception. This is a total game changer when it comes to perceptive ability and opening up the vision of the invisible. Many people have sought such ability for centuries: to be able to operate from such a high place. The consequence of this on your personal and business skills can be tremendous. This natural place is where magic is  performed - where insight and instinct come together and the power of 'direct knowing' is instilled.

YOU Are The Framework

The Framework is explored within you over 7 days


Each section in the climb to the Highest Perception collectively is called the Framework. This is both an energetic and mind exploration. By exploring the Framework each section reveals what needs to change and what is also possible. Therefore each section becomes the platform for the next, creating the knowledge of all possibility. It is only blocks, fear, stress and habitual thoughts that are a reaction to trauma that get in the way. Modern education and life also denies the use of our Highest Perception by closing down what we naturally have, in the form of the Framework, because 'direct knowing' and its power to find the truth is often feared.


Life is not random and your contribution to the greater whole can be as high as you can make it. Your greatest achievements can also be hindered if you are afraid to take what awaits you. Highest Perception enables you to explore your innate power that takes you to this greater level. When put together, each section of this framework is designed for you to use your Highest Perception as nature intended.


People have travelled far and wide to have the chance to orchestrate their life from their Highest Perception by learning the Framework. It has been delivered in countries all around the world within groups of no more than 15 people. You too can join this exclusive club which has left participants amazed by how they can apply the Framework and work from their Highest Perception.

How the Framework is Obtained

The Framework of the Highest Perception is undertaken during a 7 day exploration and is an opportunity to profoundly change your perceptual viewpoint because you hold this Framework within. This is ancient wisdom brought to the modern wold by Grahame Martin. You learn how to use this Framework, both energetically and through the mind, because it is innate to the way you operate your highest vision that has the capacity to see and know all things. This can open up powers and skills within your life and business interactions that you didn't even know existed.

Throughout history the Framework has been used to open up non-physical reception because with it comes profound insight into what can be possible. If this applied in your life, great change can happen. We all have the tools of the Framework held within us and by raising our ability to the level of our highest vision, we can operate from this highest point which can provide 'direct knowing'. 

As each level of the Framework is worked on, the opportunity to climb the ladder of your opportunity is presented so you can reach the ultimate point of self-empowerment: your Highest Perception. This experience is for those who truly want to work from the highest aspects of themselves to make the world a better place.

The change required to reach Highest Perception does not simply happen but is the result of making profound transformations by exploring the very making of yourself and your relationship with the physical and non-physical world. This involves dealing with blocks by exploring and releasing areas of trauma and emotional resistance.

The Framework has derived from a long and established western take on the making of you, and Grahame Martin has explored this system for over 20 years - expanding its relevance and learning the immense opportunities it provides in all aspects of life. It is deep rooted in the historical and spiritual making of Western civilisation sought by leaders, Kings and Queens alike.

Places are limited to just fifteen participants at a time because of the concentration on each individual that is required in this intense transformation. However this journey is supported and made gentle with Grahame Martin's long gained experience and professional expertise as a practitioner for 25 years. 

If you are looking for a true transformative experience and the ultimate investigation into what is the making of you and how to use your power in all of your life's pursuits, then this very unique journey is for you.

Structure of the Framework

The journey through the Framework is undertaken over 7 days, divided into two long weekends. It is made possible due to Grahame Martin's unique and extraordinary perceptive ability. This helps you navigate through your invisible journey while you explore and gather the Framework. As one of the best energy workers, Grahame is able to navigate the depth of transference that is possible for you.

 The first weekend starts with exploring your relationship with physicality and your commitment to it, which includes what you are striving for and how best equipped you are to achieve it. From this your connection with the outer world is explored so how you interact with it can be established. The road to Highest Perception then truly begins with exploring your heart and the karma that is the point to your life.

The second weekend deals with your higher creativity, which needs to be anchored in the grounding of the non-physical. Yes you can ground yourself in what is not physical! From this the next stage of 'focus' can be obtained and then finally the ability to connect and transcend to the highest aspect of yourself: your Highest Perception and the true vision that comes with this.

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For the past 20 years I have studied with many masterful teachers to help me remove blocks and live from a place of freedom and solid grounding; but I never reached what I was sensing I could experience. I have to say Grahame is by far the most immediately effective and humble teacher/guide I have ever met. After gaining the Framework, many profound changes have taken place for me that continue to astonish me. I no longer have the low grade undercurrent of anxiety and doubt; it’s gone. Divine guidance flows easily and freely throughout the day, enabling me to have clarity of action in my work and personal life. The framework helped me get crystal clear of my life purpose I deliver through my work as an executive coach. The clients I have dreamed of working with are now showing up. I met the love of my life 3 weeks after the course! I feel greater confidence and trust being in the flow of life. I can’t thank you enough Grahame!


Executive Coach, Tucson, Arizona
“Clients I have dreamed of are showing up…and I met the love of my life”

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