Highest Perception

The 7 Stage Light Framework
to reach your higher mind
Highest Perception is a totally unique seven day journey to your higher self, where you perceive universal reality. This is to have 'direct knowing' without having to explain how you know. This vision goes beyond intuition. 

 This journey is achieved by ascending the 7 Stage Light Framework - a framework found within you. As you climb you remove the blocks that have kept you from your highest potential, creating great transformation within your personal and business life.

An Advanced Course For People Who Are Looking For More


Musician and Artist, UK
"The most spiritually progressive course I have experienced to date and I have explored so many profound practises and retreats over the years. Working with Grahame is an honour and a true blessing, pure compassionate teachings."

Next Event Dates and Venue

LONDON 1st April 2023. Total Price £900 for 7 days. Venue: Civil Service Club
Payment For London Course

YOU Are The Light Framework

How to climb the ladder of the Framework


To climb the ladder to your Highest Perception is an energetic exploration and presents great change by highlighting what is possible by removing what is stopping you. You may fear this transition although it is there within you, in the form of the 7 Stages of Light Framework, ready to be used. 


It is blocks full of fear, stress and habitual thoughts, caused by trauma, that keep you from your Highest Perception. Feeling worthless and therefore not needed in this world, keeps you from contributing to the greater whole, for none of us are here by accident. The 7 Stage Light Framework has been used for centuries to 
overcome blocks that keep you from the opportunities of life!


Highest Perception has its roots in deep and ancient developmental processes that have been carried out in the West for many centuries. We have lost most of this teaching but with the insight of Highest Perception it can be reclaimed. People have travelled far and wide to participate in this course over 20 years. We have the greatest perceptive ability held within us humans in known existence.
Payment For London Course

    The London course is held in central London near Embankment and Westminster. It is very easy to get to via train, underground and bus. It is very close to St James's Park, Trafalgar Square and the West End. Food and drinks can be bought on the premises.


    Senior Project Manager, UK
    "This course by Grahame Martin is a beautiful process that helps you to open the gate for your very own journey. It gives you confidence to take the steps in your life with clarity, and that’s all we need."

    The course ran in Prague for a number of years because it is a very special place indeed. None of the places where the course is held are made by a random decision. They all help the evolution of the course by using the energy there.


    Software Developer
    "Meeting Grahame at his course changed my life. Nothing is the same. Different partner, different country, different friends. He knows his tools and he will help you to move beyond your limits. If you are stuck or want to move forward, follow his lead."

    We are in the process of creating the course in Abi Dhabi with the help of some incredible locals with big hearts looking to support their people.  


    We are developing the course for business people specifically targeting personal growth within trusting 'dirrect knowing' in their project's outcomes. 

How YOU Obtain The Light Framework

As you naturally hold the 7 Stage Light Framework within, all you need to do is use it. This process contains ancient wisdom because we humans have had this ability since the beginning of time. Grahame Martin guides you through this process using his natural ability to see what is not physical. This means he can see the energies involved and shows you how to open up this skill in you. 

Throughout Western history the 7 Stage Light Framework has been used by Kings, Queens, Pharaohs and the like to open their highest consciousness. This course makes this profound transition available to you. All humans can operate from this highest point, as we are designed to do.

As each level of the Light Framework is explored, the opportunity to clear what is preventing your growth appears. This is to deal with obstructions in your everyday life. This can be the need for more money, a new, loving relationship and a new job or even career. Change will come because each section of the ladder is explored energetically, meaning the consequence of this will materialise down here on Earth and in your life. This is how change is created and furthers new consciousness.

Grahame learned how the ancients used the Light Framework and the skill set it provides is as relevant now as it has always been. If you are looking for a truly transformative experience and the ultimate investigation into what is the making of you; if you wish to know how to use the innate authority held within, then this very unique journey is for you.
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The Course Structure

The course starts with you exploring your relationship with physicality and your commitment to being here on Earth as a human being, which includes what you are striving for and how best equipped you are to achieve this. You have come here to do something. This also includes your emotions and creative passion, so if you are closed down and your emotions are running you, then this needs to change.

 You next explore your connection with the outer world by establishing how you work with what the world wants from you. We all do this in different ways. With this foundation in place, the road to Highest Perception truly begins with exploring your will and how it relates to your heart and the karma that creates the point to your life. All roads lead to the heart and blocks here can stop the progression to Highest Perception.

Once out of the heart you will need to ground yourself in the non-physical and explore higher creativity. Yes, you can ground yourself in what is not physical and it is needed! As you move closer to Highest Perception, 'focus' is required or you will not see or make meaningful connection with the 'new'. Now is the time to truly explore the highest aspect of yourself, which is the invisible world. This is the ability to connect and transcend all space and time and receive universal knowing.

Payment For London Course
"For the past 20 years I have studied with many masterful teachers to help me remove blocks and live from a place of freedom and solid grounding; but I never reached what I was sensing I could experience. I have to say Grahame is by far the most immediately effective and humble teacher/guide I have ever met. After gaining the Framework, many profound changes have taken place for me that continue to astonish me. I no longer have the low grade undercurrent of anxiety and doubt; it’s gone. The Framework helped me get crystal clear of my life purpose I deliver through my work as an executive coach. The clients I have dreamed of working with are now showing up. I met the love of my life 3 weeks after the course! I feel greater confidence and trust being in the flow of life. I can’t thank you enough Grahame!"


Executive Coach, Tucson, Arizona

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