The Freeing Program

It’s a remarkable experience and a gift.’

The 3 Levels To The Freeing Program

These are the 3 levels to the complete Freeing Program. You can choose to do only the first or the first and second program. When you are ready you can enter the third.


A great first leap can be made without you even leaving your home. 


This is the beating heart of the program where you come alive within the energy spots of the world.


You enter the PLAYGROUND with no pre-intentions or expectations. More details will be given on this when the time is right.

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Musician and Artist. Attended 2015 and 2024
"The most spiritually progressive course I have experienced to date and I have explored so many profound practises and retreats over the years. Working with Grahame is an honour and a true blessing, pure compassionate teachings."

For The Next Online Program 

Discover Yourself And Your Agreement 

This extensive course contains a profound journey that enables you to relinquish the constraints that block your opportunity.

For thousands of years human beings have sought to reach the source where their greatest consciousness lies so it can be brought down to Earth to be used for the good of humanity.

This is a life-changing program helping you make the 'Jump' from this physical world into the other non-physical one.

The program has been running for 20 years and participants can testify to the amazing transformation it provides. They have said they have found nothing like it for making such a profound step in awakening their higher mind. Grahame Martin has evolved an ancient framework so each participant can journey into their highest consciousness, removing their blocks on the way and changing their perception forever.

We humans have an innate ability to connect to this highest place, although this is rarely used in everyday life but if it is, it is transformative. From this place, truth becomes reality, where all the answers and therefore all solutions can be found.

This is how change is created: it is first discovered in the invisible world by human consciousness and from this it is brought down to Earth in the for of the 'new'. What this 'new' is depends on the agreement you have with what you are here to do.

  • 2023 London Group: November

    Thank you to all who participated in the November Course held in Central London. This group brought all kinds of different perspective, questions and obstacles that created a fascinating week and incredible energy. So much fun!

    2023 London Group: April

    Thank you to all those who participated in the April Course held in Central London. This group was amazing and we are sure all participants will go out into the world and be inspiring with their greater insight and new skills.

    "The Highest Perceptions Course guided me into the unknown territory of myself. I felt safe and supported every step of the way whilst immersed in humour and loving discipline. If you want to let the past go whilst grabbing hold of your present, then dive into this experience as it offers a mixture of wonderment and wordless certainty of inner capacities."


    Attended The program in 2015
    "Meeting Grahame at his course changed my life. Nothing is the same. Different partner, different country, different friends. He knows his tools and he will help you to move beyond your limits."

    "I felt nervous attending the course but knew I had to be there. All my fears were unfounded from the start as Grahame and the group made me feel at ease. Having meditated for may years I was surprised how easily I reached new heights as well as developing new tools enabling me to explore my insights further. I look forward to future courses and where my future will take me."


    "This course will change your life. It is a journey of discovery.....Grahame holds a very caring, safe space and his guidance will nudge you to go further than you think possible. In the space of two months after the course, I’ve left a toxic living situation, moved back to Australia and established much firmer boundaries to protect my space. I now feel empowered and the creator of my life."

Two Halves To The First 2 Programs

First Half To Online And London Program
The first stage takes you on a journey to your heart by exploring your relationship with physicality and the commitment that comes from being here on Earth as a human being. This is you grounded in what you have come to accomplish, so includes what you are striving for and how best equipped you are to achieve this. You will also explore your emotional stability, as this is crucial in establishing your life foundations. It is important that you are running your emotions rather than them running you.

This stage also explores how you identify with being you and your identity, which also includes what you want and what is expected from you. You will explore your will through your own authority and develop that authority by how it relates to your past as well as your future. This also relates to your heart; as you are nothing and nothing matters for the future unless you want to put your heart into it. There is a point to your life and this is held in your heart. Blocks at the heart can stop the progression to your Highest Perception and we can have numerous blocks here.
Second Half To Online And London Program
The second stage forms the most profound transformation, which starts with grounding yourself in the non-physical world. This is just as important as grounding in the physical world and often more challenging. The invisible world offers much in the way of new consciousness and it requires bedding yourself into a new way of navigation. This also relates to how you speak your truth, as this vibration forms the 'new' on Earth when it manifests in the physical. To fully achieve this act of bringing information from the Universe to Earth, 'focus' in the non-physical world needs to be activated. Now you can truly explore the highest aspect of your consciousness and receive universal knowing. This will change your life forever.
These programs have to be achieved before you are ready for the PLAYGROUND.
"I flew to this course as I knew I would not get what it offered anywhere else!" 

Sophia Parker-Reeves, Conscious Healer attended 2014

The Journey To Your Higher Mind 

This Program will reveal that only a small part of you is physical and infinity is the rest. 


The answer to climbing the ladder to infinity is to dematerialise into the non-physical. Fear keeps us earthbound and stops us exploring what is possible. An exchange of consciousness happens when the non-physical is explored. It writes the script down here on Earth, which can bring wealth, a partner, a home, a business or success in what you are here to achieve. It will change your perspective forever. 


Many people are stuck or do not know what is possible as they have lost sight of their agreement.  People can do much healing and search themselves on a very deep level but nothing of true significance will establish in their life without them finding their agreement. Exploring the higher mind should show them what they are here to do. 


We all have an innate ability to see with our higher mind. Help to make this 'Jump' into this other world has always relied on the help of those who can 'see' the invisible energies at play during the deep transformational journey. This is why the 20 year success of this program has come down to Grahame's unique perceptional ability. He literary reads the invisible world so you are not alone during each step of the way.


Executive Coach, Tucson, Arizona
"For the past 20 years I have studied with many masterful teachers to help me remove blocks and live from a place of freedom and solid grounding; but I never reached what I was sensing I could experience. I have to say Grahame is by far the most immediately effective and humble teacher/guide I have ever met. Since, many profound changes have taken place for me that continue to astonish me. I no longer have the low grade undercurrent of anxiety and doubt; it’s gone. I have become crystal clear of my life purpose I deliver through my work as an executive coach. The clients I have dreamed of working with are now showing up. I met the love of my life 3 weeks after the course! I feel greater confidence and trust being in the flow of life. I can’t thank you enough Grahame!"
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