The Oportunities

You can only choose to do program 2 after program 1 has been achieved.


This profound first stage to your Freeing process is completed without you needing to leave your home. 


This is the beating heart of the program where you combine visiting the sacred energy spots that are intrinsic to the Freeing Program.


The Freeing Program is undertaken during a 7 day exploration of its framework and is an opportunity to profoundly change your perceptual viewpoint because you hold this framework within as Total You. If you learn how to use this framework and stay in your totality, it can open up powers and skills within your life and business interactions that you didn't even know existed.

 We all have the tools of the framework held within us and by raising our ability to the level of our highest vision, we can operate from the totality of our higher self.  

As each level of the framework is worked on, the opportunity to climb the ladder of your totality is presented. This is to reach the ultimate point of self-empowerment: your highest perception operating through you as a totality. This totality changes everything because if you percieve from only one or more perspective/s this will be a compromise without being in Total You. This experience is for those who truly want to work from the highest aspects of themselves to make the world a better place.

This change to Total You results from making profound transformations from exploring the very making of yourself which is both physical and non-physical energies. This involves dealing with blocks by exploring and releasing areas of trauma and emotional resistance.

The framework has derived from energies that have always been the making of the human being and therefore there is nothing contrived about the framework. It is the truth and that truth will allow you to find yours. Grahame Martin has explored this system for over 20 years - expanding its relevance and learning the immense opportunities it provides in all aspects of life. It is deeply rooted in the historical and modern movements in human civilisation, which although has been sought by leaders, Pharaohs, Kings and Queens alike in the past, it is still the making of leaders today.

 The places are limited to just fifteen participants at a time because of the concentration on each individual that is required in this intense transformation. The journey is supported and made gentle with Grahame Martin's ability to see beyond the physical and therefore the guidance he can give gained over years experience and professional expertise as a practitioner for 25 years.  

If you are looking for a true transformation and the ultimate investigation into what is the making of you and how to use yourself as Total You to search the 'new' from within different realities, then this very unique journey is for you.

Structure of The Freeing Program London

The journey through the framework in London is undertaken over 7 days physically within a group and on a very special energy spot in central London. It starts on a Saturday and has a block of 4 days running consecutively, followed by a day off to rest and evolve the changes. Then there is another block of 3 days, so the program actually runs over 8 days finishing on the following Saturday from which it started. It starts with exploring your physical relationship with the humanity energy spot and your commitment to it. This includes why you are here and what you are striving for. From this anther energy spot is explored which is your step outwards or an investigation to the 'outer you'. This takes you to the power spot of your will. The road to Total You then truly begins with exploring the circle energy spot of your heart with all the karma that lurks within what is the point to your life: what you are undoing as well as meant to do. 

The second weekend deals with the words of your higher creativity and the freedom that comes with what you are meant to voice. This extends to what you are truly meant to focus on and this can only be achieved by using the correct equipment that you carry in your head. Total You is achieved when you can transcend any notion of yourself into new realities. From here you discover the new and by the very act of you being human and living on Earth, the new will begin to play out in your life. 

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