History of Highest Perception

Highest Perception was conceived during the writing of Grahame Martin's first book. He found the pages evoked an energetic response in the reader, opening up portals into their 7 main energy centres, and wanted to replicate this in a more direct process.
This course, that has now successfully been received in a number of countries, literally began with a visit to a charity shop so that there was enough chairs for the first participants. The course developed through the first years by fully investigating its potential, and from this the course revealed its ancient wisdom, helping many people make the jump into their higher self.

Grahame Martin has been running this course for 20 years. This has only been possible because of his ability to see what is held beyond physicality. He can see this invisible world, the messages and energies it contains, which help you venture into the invisible world where the new information lies.

Grahame is a qualified professional homeopath of 25 years, healer, author, international teacher and also provides 'The Freeing' sessions that help people individually clear the blocks that hinder them.  He is also the creator of freeingMe apps, which are a system that provides healing balance using unique Intelligent Light Technology. 

Grahame spent many years studying the profound energies that are at play during the ascension of the 7 Lights Framework. He wanted to know all aspects of its use and understand how people can fully benefit. 
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