Highest Perception and the Western Chakra System

The inspiration to create a course using the Western Chakra System was conceived during the writing of Grahame Martin's first book about the Western Chakras. The book opened up portals into the readers 7 main energy centers to clear blocks. The next stage was to replicate this with groups.
'My introduction to the Western Chakra System came through Grahame’s seminal work Chakra Prescribing and Homeopathy. His course offers an opportunity to journey through each chakra experientially over seven days. It’s a remarkable experience and a gift.’
Jayne Wilding
As this course developed it revealed its ancient wisdom that the ancients had obviously been so obsessed by and this is its power to evolve human consciousness. This is why it now continues to help many people make the 'jump' into the profound aspect of themselves that reaches to the highest consciousness.

Most people are aware of the Eastern Chakra System based on the energies of the human body. In the West a similar but fundamental  different system evolved which began by our ancients looking out to the stars and then seeing how the energies of the cosmos reflected within. They focused on the celestial planets, of which their were only 7, for they where all that were visible by the human eye without magnification. 

This visual limitation was fundamental to a great insight; that they reflect 7 major energy points of the human body. They discovered that the human being reflected the cosmos and visa versa. Our ancients believed the planets governed these energy centres and each even had its own color vibration. This differs from the eastern rainbow system. 

When people discover the western system they often find it enables them to do more personal growth more deeply and more quickly. This is because they pertain to this system more than the eastern one. However this also is also true the other way round. Each system is relevant and offer great opportunities. It is a case of which fits or perhaps both. 

Grahame Martin

Grahame Martin has been able to run this course because of his ability to see what is held beyond physicality. Many, many people all over the world can testify to this unique perception by the way they have benefited from in. He can see into the invisible world, see the messages and energies it contains. He can use this insight to direct you to see what this universe has in store for you. This course can only be done by someone who has Grahame's ability.

Grahame is a healer, author, international teacher and also provides 'The Freeing' sessions that help people individually clear the blocks that hinder them. He is a qualified professional homeopath of 25 years and the creator of freeingMe apps, which are a way of providing healing balance using unique Intelligent Light Technology.

Grahame spent many years studying the profound energies that are at play during the ascension of the Western Chakra System. He wanted to know all aspects of its use and understand how people can fully benefit from it. He will walk with you as you discover how to operate from this highest part of yourself.
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