June 17, 2023

Bali is beautiful!!

Grahame Martin

We are planning to create a retreat in Bali for the first time.

This has come about because some good friends are spending some time there and they have encouraged us to gather people and do something special there. Apparently the energy is very special and pertains to a chakra of the planet Earth. We have already had conversations with retreat hosts there and the feeling is very welcoming.

The Western Chakra Program Meets The East

We are excited to place our program in a traditionally eastern environment and feel how the energies interact. Each place where we hold our program has a reason: we do not do anything randomly. There is an important interaction between the energy of our environment and the transitional process when we do personal developmental work. I was made aware of this as the program gathered destinations over the years. The program seemed to choose them and discard others.

This is the same with the groups that gather to do the program. For many years we have hardly had to advertise as the Universe seemed to take care of creating the right group for the right time. Each group has been unique and the differences seem to reflect with the time. There is always a theme with each group - a collective glue that joins them through a needed intention. We simply allowed this process and never took any group photos or gathered testimonials. We finally established a website, a blog etc and the process of promotion.

Let's see how we get on with Bali as a destination as we put it out there and let's see who is keen to do it. Simply express an interest on the contact form of this website.

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